I grew up in a small town called Poultney, Vermont.  Growing up in VT played a big part in choosing our farmhouse and barns. This property with all its beauty and charm pulled at my heartstrings the moment I saw it. I truly believed it was where we were meant to be. I absolutely love sharing our property with couples to help create their dream wedding. I share our home with Tim, my son Thor, 2 Saint Bernards, Idgie and Gus, a Bernese Mountain dog called Monty, and a cat named Baby Kitty.  We thoroughly enjoy the Adirondacks and all they have to offer. We love to ski, take hikes, and just take in all the natural beauty around us. We are blessed to be able to call this home.

I have a deep passion for antiquing and gardening which I acquired from my mom. I grew up being taught that hard work has rewards. It's safe to say I get a great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment with my gardens. Our venue is where I celebrate all things I love and I can share my fondness for flowers, barns, and the great outdoors.






Snow Bunny

Feathered Friends


I love watching birds in the morning at our bird feeders. They are such glorious creatures.

I just took up cross country skiing! I Love exploring and being outside in the open air during all four of our beautiful seasons.

I have been a third grade teacher for 15 years and absolutely love it!




World Traveler



I love to travel and can’t wait for our next big adventures, (wherever they take us). Oceans and water are my favorite places to visit.

I love sushi, it’s one my absolute favorite things to eat! We love eating out and trying new foods and restaurants.

I love scary books and movies! I have read almost all of Steven King’s books and seen The Shining more times than I can count.





Nature Lover

Treasure Hunt

Someday I want to have a little place on a lake where my grandchildren can come out and visit!

I love to go antiquing with my mom. This is where I find a lot of my pieces for the barns!

I love the Adirondack Mountains. We ski at Gore and love hiking with our three dogs! I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The Promise Gardens is my passion and I want every couple getting married here to have

the most beautiful wedding possible.

Meet Yana

Client Experience Manager

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Yana has a postgraduate degree in Event and Business Management. After graduating, she decided to travel the world. From the beaches of Bali, the Himalayan mountains of India, the jungles of Sri Lanka, and the cobblestone streets of Europe, Yana has chased her dream of seeing the world and exploring different cultures.

Upon her return, Yana set her sights on another dream of being an event manager. She has worked on many varied events and projects; fundraisers, concerts, cultural and food festivals, conferences, retreats, and more. Yana discovered her love for the wedding industry after getting involved in planning weddings. The joy of bringing two people together in a celebration filled with love and happiness is fulfilling and beautiful to her.

In addition to being the Client Experience Manager at the Promise Gardens, Yana is also a yoga teacher and runs an online yoga platform. She loves the outdoors (having resided both near Yellowstone park with her husband Myles and their Golden Retriever puppy Daisy for several years, and in sunny Greenville, South Carolina with her family.) Yana is excited to connect with you and help guide you through your journey at The Promise Gardens!

The Promise Gardens New York wedding venue
The Promise Gardens New York wedding venue
The Promise Gardens New York wedding venue